Childeren of Overseas Pakistanis Students (Category X & Z)

Applications are to be submitted to the University according to the procedure and requiremnts laid down in this prospectus. Selection and allocation of disciplines are made by the University according to merit. The applicant is required to submit along with his application.

i. A certificate on Form F-VIII (can be downloaded from here) regarding his parent's employment in a foreign country issued by the Pakistani Embassy in that country.

ii. A photocopy of his parent's valid resident visa for that country attested by teh Pakistani Embassy. Note: Only real children of overseas Pakistanis are eligible to apply. Diploma holders are not eligible.

Seat Distribution for Children of Overseas Pakistanis Students(Category X & Z)

sr. No
1 Civil Engineering X 4
2 Environmental Engineering X 3
3 Electrical Engineering X 4
4 Electronics Engineering X 2
5 Mechanical Engineering X 4
6 Industrial Engineering X 3
7 Computer Engineering X 7
8 Software Engineering X 9
9 Telecom Engineering X 5
10 Electronics Engineering (Chakwal Campus) Z 1
11 Mechatronics Engineering (Chakwal Campus) Z 1