Online Admission Important Considerations

STEP-1: Entry Test. For Entry Test procedures please click here

STEP-2: The following procedure is for admissions, not for Entry Test.

How to Complete the Application Form

Only online filled application Forms will be accepted. A candidate can fill the application form, available online at:
While filling the FORM (F-I) please read the following instructions carefully:

Instructions for Online Filling of Application Form (F-I)

i. On the web-link click on My UET button. Enter your CNIC/B Form No. issued by NADRA and set password then click Register button for registration with UET to access the application Form.

ii. Candidate can now Sign in.

iii. Please fill the personal information, applicable options, Educational information and preferences.

iv. The candidate can Sign in again and again to see/edit his/her data until he /she submits his/her final printed application Form BY HAND/BY POST in Admission Office, UET, Taxila.

v. After filling the Application Form online according to given instructions, applicant will get its printout, sign it and attach requisite documents, along with the Declaration Form (F-0) (available in the Prospectus) and then submit BY HAND/BY POST in the Admission Office, UET, Taxila.

vi. Only one application form is to be submitted for any number of disciplines and categories you apply for both Campuses (Taxila & Chakwal). Fill the column for preferences very carefully.
vii. The Order of preferences once given shall be final and cannot be changed subsequently, after the submission of Application Form in Admission Office.

Notification of Selection

A list of selectees will be displayed on official University web site.

Important: Consideration in next merit lists

Admissions are granted on merit and according to preferences given by the applicants. An applicant who secures admission in a discipline of his lower preference and he desires to be considered in next merit lists. MUST submit all the UNIVERSITY dues and ORIGINAL documents. If he fails to do so, his name would be excluded from any future merit lists and his admission would be cancelled.

Freezing in any given Discipline and Category

If an applicant requests in writing to retain the discipline and category in which he has been selected for admission on merit, then he will not have any right to claim his admission in any other discipline and category of higher or lower merit if a seat falls vacant in any discipline. Applicant desiring to freeze category/discipline should have to apply in person on prescribed form for this purpose before the next merit list is displayed.



Attachments with the Application Form

i. Photocopy of CNIC or Computerized B-Form issued by NADRA.
ii. Two Passport size photographs (one to be pasted on the Printed application Form (F-I) and one on the declaration Form (F-0)).
iii. Attested copy of domicile must be attached with the Printed application.
iv. Attested copy of Matric Result Card.
v. Attested photocopy of F.Sc. Result Card/Certificate is MUST.

(Any other document as required by the candidates according to the Declaration Form (F-0), available in the prospectus).


i. All documents to be attached with the Application Form (F-I) should be attested by a class-I gazetted officer of the government or a class-A officer of this University.
ii. The application along with the required documents should be submitted as early as possible. Please do not wait for the last date.
iii. As soon as the process of selection is complete, the merit list will be notified showing the percentage of the applicants admitted in different disciplines against different categories.
iv. Any information regarding admissions can be obtained during working hours by calling Phone No: 051-9047412.
v. Members of the Admission Committee will also be available for consultation, in person, during admission period.
vi. Domicile of Punjab Province is MUST (with latest photograph). (In case candidate's photo graph is missing on domicile, the candidate must have to show (F.Sc + Matric ) Original Result Cards.